6 Links to Understand and Achieve a Growth Mindset: Free At 50's Recommendations

6 Links to Understand and Achieve a Growth Mindset: Free At 50's Recommendations

May 26, 2023

Madison’s blank piece of paper to get you Free At 50 and shifting to a growth mindset.

Many of you following Free At 50 know being location-independent and becoming a blogger means I moved to Williamsburg Virginia, where I immerse myself in history every day of the week! (yep, I’m a history nerd blessed to live where I used to vacation!). I wanted to do a roundup post on growth mindset.

Why? Going from employee to entrepreneur means you need to have one! If you want true liberty, time freedom and location independence, it’s vital.

How does this tie together?

I had gathered some of the best links for you on growth mindset and as I was watching James Madison (the interpreter of course!) speak, it hit me…

Madison said that the most powerful thing is a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER.

Think about it a moment: a blank piece of paper can become anything. It can become the Declaration of Independence, a last will and testament, a blog post, a love letter… literally anything. What better concept for both living a Free At 50 lifestyle and a blog post on growth mindset?

Becoming Free At 50 means starting from anywhere! It means your next chapter can be a blank piece of paper and you write that chapter.

Growth mindset (to me!) means you see a blank piece of paper in your mind… you KNOW you can do anything, be anything, CREATE anything.

Thank you, Mr. Madison (Brian, actually, for sharing and interpreting Madison’s words!). He has many solid words to live by, including his comment about knowledge and TRUE LIBERTY.

Note: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share, but it does not change your price.

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Now that your mind is open to shifting into a growth mindset, let’s dig deeper.

I’m keeping this article simple… it’s a list. And for ease of organizing and prioritizing, without losing you place here, all links will open into a new window!

While this post may not be formatted properly for SEO (search engine optimization), but it will be 100% value, I promise you that.

If you’ve found this post by Googling “how to get into a growth mindset” or “articles about a growth mindset” I’ve accomplished my goal: the right people are finding this and learning about the resources available in the Free At 50 blog!

1: What is a growth mindset? Karen from Balancing Midlife explains it well.

To build anything: your next chapter, a business, a lifestyle, you need to focus and BELIEVE in growth. Limiting beliefs and the “same old way” can be tempting because it stems from “easy,” but that won’t help you create something new for yourself.

Karen is a GenX gal focused on sharing the best tips for balancing midlife (that’s her blog’s name in fact!) and when I asked my Facebook group members who might have an article to contribute to this one, she stepped up. Her post not only defines a growth mindset in simple terms, but it also contrasts it to the fixed mindset many of us get stuck in.

And Karen doesn’t stop there; she also shares how to take action and move forward into shifting from a fixed mindset into one focused on the ability to think like an entrepreneur and not only embrace change but foster it.

Click here to read the article on Balancing Midlife.

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2: Ditching the All-Or-Nothing Thinking is vital to getting into a growth mindset. It’s Maggie’s Diamond Effect episode you need to hear.

Talk about feeling true liberty! Add this knowledge into your toolkit and feel some weight lifted. I wrote about business coach Maggie Perotin’s podcast episode because it blew me away.

You can read my take on it here.

The concept: you don’t have feel like you need to do it all, a frantic mode that can lead to nothing being accomplished. To be properly in the growth mindset, you need to approach it properly.

Entrepreneurship can be a bit overwhelming (understatement?) so words from a 9-5 escapee and expert like Maggie can set you on track.

Click here to go directly to Episode 90 on the Diamond Effect.

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3: What are some examples and how can you practice having a growth mindset? Tina can show you!

I’m a pretty visual person. When someone shares real-life examples with me, I can more easily picture how to move forward. Tina does that well in her article focused on growth mindset.

I met Tina in my friend Margaret Bourne's fantastic Facebook group for bloggers... because one thing bloggers love to do: collaborate, share, and bring other bloggers to their readers.

If I'm doing a round-up on growth mindset, my goal is to share the best articles out there for you to grab both inspiration and information from.

Tina’s niche is clean beauty and how to ditch the toxins. Right on her “about me” page she shares how she’s “finally on the path to wellness after spending many years fighting autoimmune diseases, a serious precancerous condition, & surgical menopause (with all the interesting issues that come with that).”

Having the right mindset to fully change your lifestyle is a clear fit for her readers and this post is one I had to include!

Grab Tina's inspiration and real-life implementation tactics here.

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4: Gaining a healthy approach to money and financial freedom is Carolyn’s specialty.

Staying on the topic of being healthy… let’s talk about having a healthy approach to money. Financial stability, with the goal of time freedom based on financial freedom can be both stressful and confusing.

Carolyn talks about having a new relationship with finance since reading about the FIRE movement a couple years back. It led her to some personal discoveries and a desire for a simpler lifestyle with less stress, more fun and also led to a change for her CPA business. All these are her words she shares on her website.

Get her FIRE-inspired approach by reading her entry into this roundup on growth mindset!

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5: Need fast motivation and regular reminders? Bookmark Julie’s list of quotes and stay inspired!

If you follow me on Instagram or have read posts on here like this one about spring motivation for entrepreneurs, you know how much I LOVE using the words of others for inspiration and affirmation!

When Julie, whose mission is to let women know it’s OK to want more from life, jumped on my request in Margaret’s blogging group for entries into this article, I had to add it. She defines a growth mindset to open her comprehensive list of quotes about having one (and benefiting from it!).

My recommendation: bookmark her post, then open it daily and grab a quote!

Overall, Julie's More Than Main Street blog is an open call to anyone needing encouragement, wanting inspiration, and feeling the vibe that there is more to life than just keeping up with the Jones’.

Click here to get Julie’s list of quotes on her More Than Main Street blog.

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6: What if you slip? It happens and Heidi has tips to get you back on track.

Here’s a scary thought: slipping out of your growth mindset and back into old habits.


Yes, “slipping” is a thing. We’ve all done it. There are ways to get back on track. Lucky for readers here today I have Heidi’s article on getting you back on track for that growth mindset if you do slip!

You cannot have growth without a plan to keep moving forward, including when you slip into old habits. Creating a growth mindset includes creating such a plan. This post gives you 6 ways to get you back on track. I recommend bookmarking the post, maybe even writing the list down in a journal or on a whiteboard so you have it ready.

Bookmark Heidi’s fantastic post after clicking here.

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Closing it out with 6 tools: Free At 50 recommendations to help you with your growth mindset.

  1. Organize yourself and be motivated to hit your goals with a journal like this one.
  2. The Create, Affirm, Inspire Idea Book from my friend Deanna is a perfect tool for anyone working actively on shifting to a growth mindset. Grab it here to: increase productivity help you stay motivated and increase your self-confidence
  3. If you're a blogger (or working on it!) and feel a little daunted, get into a growth mindset using this Blogging With Confidence course from This Splendid Shambles!
  4. Tara Reid's one-hour Clarity to Confidence workshop will help you shift into a growth mindset by sharing how to get really clear about who your ideal audience is, what they are struggling with, and how your offers help them alleviate any pain points. (Bonus from Tara: you'll also get help brainstorming your own offer value ladders and incorporating them into your sales funnel & customer journey.)
  5. Grow your brand! If you're going from employee to entrepreneur, you no longer have a marketing team on speed dial! AND YOU are the brand. Not a corporate entity or your team's project... YOU. Your offer. Your service. Your product. You want to win over readers, clients, and customers, and you can do it. I recommend this e-book from Margaret Bourne which has all of that in the title!
  6. And of course, last but not least to get to that true liberty through knowledge (and amazing resources like people!) there is my Facebook group! Join here!

How are you going to fill your piece of paper?

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