How the Free At 50 Blog Can Help You Achieve Permanent 9-5 Escape: Mid-Year List of 4 Most Popular Posts

How the Free At 50 Blog Can Help You Achieve Permanent 9-5 Escape: Mid-Year List of 4 Most Popular Posts

May 29, 2024

I’ve got no doubt this blog is useful for anyone working on permanent 9-5 escape.

How? The content of course! There are so many posts on this blog, written by both me and guest authors. It’s important to categorize and highlight them once in a while. What better time than mid-year?

I’m dropping this list of the most popular, most-read posts of 2024 so far this year with the goal of giving you inspiration, tools, and resources for permanent 9-5 escape; each of these that others found useful, read, bookmarked, used, re-read.

Let’s get started on counting down the 4 most popular articles so far in 2024.

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reading blog articles that are most popular on the Free At 50 blog is like building a stack of your favorite books

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Number 4: We are moving from spring into summer as this is mid-year 2024, so soak up some 9-5 escape words inspired by spring!

5 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs Explained in Terms of Time Freedom: Believe in Tomorrow and Always Live Like it's Spring

If you Google "despite the forecast live like its spring" this post is usually ranked in the top 3.

Thank you to Lilly Pulitzer for putting these words and this thought out into the world! It’s a quote I love and was inspired to add into a post about how words about spring can motivate 9-5 escape. (and of course, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship!)

In this post, I’ve shared Pulitzer’s quote and four more about spring that can easily be North Stars on 9-5 escape, and entrepreneurial journey.

Click here to read the post then use the quotes by posting them on your whiteboard, adding them to your vision board… even journaling your thoughts on them!

spring is the focus of a blog post sharing quotes to help motivate 9-5 escape

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Number 3: Do you apologize? You don’t always need to – it’s a lesson I brought home from Vegas!

What's the Honest Meaning of Being Unapologetic? An Eye-Opening Free At 50 Story to Inspire You to Be Unapologetically You

What is the true meaning of being unapologetically you? Going from corporate to ‘living life on your terms’ is liberating in so many ways- and one of the most liberating has to be you get to do you. All the time.

So here’s the thing… some of the best, most heartfelt blog posts come from telling your story. This is one of those posts- it’s about how I was shamed in Vegas for saying “sorry” – when I SHOULD say sorry. And how it got me thinking about when NOT to be apologetic.

Click here to read the post.

the path out of 9-5 life is bright

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Number 2: On the list again: my all-time favorite quotes to inspire permanent 9-5 escape. (quotes are a thing, are they not?)

4 Motivational Quotes to Encourage You to Ditch the 9-5 Tradition and be Truly Inspired

Clearly quotes are something we all search for when looking for affirmation, inspiration, and ideas. Google keeps putting this post out there in terms of “ditching 9-5 quotes” and I’ll keep linking back to it because in my opinion: it’s timeless.


Click here to read the post.

words matter and colorful words and quotes can motivate you on the journey out of 9-5

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Number 1: Obstacles can be overcome and Karen from the Balancing Midlife Blog nails the “why” and “how” in a fantastic guest post!

Why Overcoming Obstacles is Important for Building Your Next Chapter: A Guest Post for GenX on the Free At 50 Blog

I met fellow GenX gal Karen Kasberg in a Facebook group (by now, many of you loyal and long-time Free At 50 followers know how much I love Facebook for my new blogger life).

Her take on life, self-care, moving forward… it’s something that needed to be shared on this blog. I’m honored she took the time to write about overcoming obstacles because by the time we hit “midlife” we’ve hit a few. And I promise, you’ll hit more.

Going from employee to entrepreneur isn’t always easy- especially with the things we face as we move around the sun a few more times.

Click here to read the post and get re-charged, stay motivated, and know that others are out there cheering you on because hey, we’ve all been there!

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reading articles that help you overcome obstacles can make the future bright like a yellow tree

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