Shift Your Mindset From All or Nothing Thinking: Free At 50's Review of the Eye-Opening Diamond Effect Podcast to Boost Your Business Now

Shift Your Mindset From All or Nothing Thinking: Free At 50's Review of the Eye-Opening Diamond Effect Podcast to Boost Your Business Now

May 10, 2023

Shifting your mindset: eye-opening inspiration for writing a blog post after listening to a podcast episode.

Something happened recently that corrected my course, affirmed my position, and lightened my load. I listened to business coach Maggie Perotin’s Diamond Effect podcast, specifically Episode 90. In putting together some fantastic resources for my upcoming growth mindset post, I was listening to this episode about all or nothing thinking and BOOM- it hit home SO freakin’ hard. It became inspiration for a post and a review and recommendation for you all to listen.

Coffee and diamonds y'all!

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How business coach Maggie Perotin approaches solutions.

Meeting Maggie Perotin at the beginning of my blogging journey had multiple impacts on me. We are kindred spirits when it comes to corporate escape and our belief that we can use our skills to build our own version of the “dream life.”

But it’s how Maggie approaches solutions to obstacles and business growth that defines her unique-ness in all things related to entrepreneurship.

The title of her podcast says it all: Diamond Effect. She shines and wants her clients, listeners, and followers to do the same.

When Maggie and I discussed the value and importance of creating essential habits on this video in my Facebook group, a topic she tackled by leading a challenge in hers, the confidence and clarity she brings to the table force you to feel the same confidence and clarity. She is business-minded, no-nonsense, and understanding of the GenX mindset.

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Why this episode on the Diamond Effect podcast hit home and how it shifted my mindset.

I was SO excited in Q4 of 2022.

I had:

  • Vision.
  • Ideas.
  • Plans.

Then 2023 hit and I froze a bit if I’m honest.

I wanted to do it all and it seemed any time I hit a bump or block, I stopped. I moved on because why?

3 reasons I’ll share:

1.     I always had another project I could shift over to.

2.     My blog was my main focus; I love writing and doing everything blog-related… and it’s enough to keep me busy!

3.     I am truly only accountable to myself (and that’s ok, preferable in fact!)

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Needless to say, Q1 of 2023 did not display any decrease in my productivity. Quite the opposite in fact. However, doing “all the things” I thought would be fantastic expansions of the Free At 50 brand did not happen.

Let’s be real: I did freeze. Because it was easy to do so, and I leaned right into what Maggie discusses in Episode 90: all or nothing thinking.

And now: weight lifted! Clarity and focus on the blog with minimal "side" project stuff creating overwhelm.

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What is the definition of all or nothing thinking? Get acquainted with it, it’s likely you’ve experienced it directly.

I won’t dig too deep into all or nothing thinking because Maggie does it so well, and I recommend you listen to her episode to resolve it. What I will do is give you the 10,000-foot view. 

All or nothing thinking is the idea that you have to do “all the things” or do none at all.

  • It’s that limiting belief of perfection being required before you launch something, that you need to have all 12 ducks in a row, not just 5 or 6.
  • It’s the idea that in order to succeed with your brand and your business, you need to offer multiple products and services to your potential customers.
  • It’s the fear that if you don’t do it all, you can’t have it all.

Here’s the reality:

Perfection is not required; you and your business can update and evolve.

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Why should you specifically listen to Episode 90 of the Diamond Effect podcast if you’re reading this blog?

If you’re reading the Free At 50 blog, it’s likely you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’re thinking about leaving your 9-5.
  • You’ve started a side hustle to make it happen.
  • You’re out of 9-5 life and into building your dream life.

It’s also likely you’ve done all the “right things” and possibly have been conditioned to perfection.

What do I mean by that? Let’s see… have you ever pitched an idea to a boss? Presented a budget to a board? Run a project by the C-Suite? My experience tells me right off that bat you have done one if not all of these things.

You also had to run through multiple drafts, scenarios, and updates to get to someone’s perceived reality of perfection. All before you got the “green light” we strive for in corporate life.

Not as an entrepreneur my friends~ not at all. Shift that mindset and ditch the limiting belief system that is inevitable when you come from the corporate life. You need to think like an entrepreneur if you want to successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Start here with Episode 90 to hear about all-or-nothing thinking and how to shift your mindset away from it.

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Why you should check out her other episodes

As entrepreneurs, we are focused on everything related to creating, building, and succeeding with our business. This means we wear all the hats: marketing, accounting, legal, IT… all of them.

Maggie’s Diamond Effect podcast will address whatever block, question, and mindset shift you have or need at some point on your journey.

Listen in to her show by clicking here and tell us which episode impacted you the most in the comments below!

Then join my Facebook group here and be part of the conversation and if you're ready to chat about a next step and get some focus, do a 30-minute FREE take-action call with me by booking a spot on my calendar here.

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