Be Prepared: 4 Steps to Simplify Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Be Prepared: 4 Steps to Simplify Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Feb 07, 2024

Simplifying social media is based on being prepared.

February 7th honors the Boy Scouts of America and the idea hit me: share the message of simplifying social media in the context of being prepared! I kicked off 2024 by adding a poll to my Ditching the 9-5 Facebook group.

  • The question: what do you keep putting off?
  • The top response: planning content for social media in advance.

But where do you start to be as prepared as a boy scout? Right here with my 4 steps to simplify social media.

Necessary disclaimer: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share; it does not change your price but sometimes you might get a discount.

be prepared as a boy scout with all the tools you need

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Step 1: create content that makes sense for you and your business to simplify social media tasks

Poll your audience.

Answering the questions people are asking is foundational to succeeding in business.

You can literally poll your audience (most social platforms offer that option) or use a site like Answer the Public to see what people are searching for online. Another option: Google topics in your niche and see what articles, websites, and links are ranking on Google.

Example using a poll: As I mentioned in the intro, I created a poll in my Ditching the 9-5 Facebook community to see what members of the group are putting off and might need support with. Advance planning for social media was the most needed according to respondents. It's the focus of this article as well inside the group this month.

Example using Answer the Public: Brain dumps are one of my favorite methods to narrow my focus and get on track for productivity. So naturally I wanted to do a post about them- and I did. Click here to read it.

To ensure I was approaching my writing in a way that was relevant to people searching online (my potential readers), I searched "brain dump" on Answer the Public. "Brain Dump To-do List" showed a high search volume and ta-da!

It's in my title and it offered me a way to structure the post.

PS you can do 3 searches a day on the free version of Answer the Public: sign up here.

Example using Google: If you search "quotes about leaving 9-5" this post of mine is ranked number 2 (and I have some images that show up as well!). It may inspire another writer on how to put together an article about quotes. Maybe the number of quotes I use, maybe the organization of the content, maybe how the chosen quotes relate to the topic. Google likes it enough to rank it.

Never copy another person, but use the idea in a way that is YOUR take on the content. For social media, website copy, or blog posts. Because in my opinion, every entrepreneur needs a blog and this is a fantastic example demonstrating how having one can drive traffic to your business!

Click here to read more about adding a blog into your business - without stress!

Google is open on a laptop. Use it to search topics you want to create content around.

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Be relevant to be recognized.

Offering services and products that speak to your potential customers is vital. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, share wedding photos; don't digress into random posts displaying photos of dogs or architecture.

Simply put: post content that accurately reflects what you offer. The more people see relevant and cohesive content, the more your brand shines!

Use prompts.

Celebrating holidays and/or days, weeks, or months that are designated can be a fantastic way to connect with your audience on social media. For example, I've created posts around holidays. Check out this one about freedom, which makes complete sense for Free At 50 readers. Why? It's inspired by Independence Day.

There are people like my friend Cyndi Zaweski of Ascent Storycraft that love to help! Cyndi is a content strategist you can find here on Instagram and she shares prompts for FREE. Not on Instagram? Click here for her website. (PSST I found out about Boy Scout Awareness Day from Cyndi's post!)

I've used Cyndi's research on designated times of year as prompts to share my message and thoughts. One of my favorites: Simplify Your Life Week. Check out both ways I used the prompt:

RECOMMENDATION: Purchase the Idea Vault from This Splendid Shambles (lifetime access, special requests, and monthly updates!). Always have themes and topic prompts ready to go! Click here!

simplifying social media by using a calendar

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Step 2: be efficient in creating content for social media

Reuse and repurpose! Keep your content fresh of course (update as needed) but share what your audience wants and needs. And do it everywhere.

  • Have a new offer?
  • A new product you've created?
  • A new article or blog post?

Once you have the bullet points together, you can drop the same content in multiple places. (and PS --- lists of steps, tips, or ideas are fantastic!).

I'll use an offer as an example. Let's start with my 3-2-1 offer.

On all platforms and with a blog post, I share the same 3 reasons I believe every entrepreneur should have a blog- and sometimes I'll share 1 or more of the steps on how to start one.

Here is how that looks in terms of sharing on social media simply, and by having the blog post supporting it:

  • The blog post to support it.
  • Pins like this one that lead to my blog post about starting a blog.
  • This Instagram post and testimonial I pinned to my profile.
  • This video featured on my Facebook business page.
  • This post on my Linked In company page which links directly to my landing page.
  • And of course, my offer's landing page. As you can see, my 3 points are in the copy and I share the link in specific promotions.

I'll occasionally search topics on Google and see:
1) where I rank and/or
2) what content seems to be trending on that topic.

If my blog post ranks on the first page or 2, I'll prioritize that content on social media. Additionally, I'll focus on updating titles, links, photos, etcetera on the article itself.

Yes, the content is already created... I'm refreshing it and sharing it all over again! Slightly different versions of the same valuable information.

repurposing content for social media is simplifying the tasks

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Step 3: tools that help you keep it simple

Find the tools you need, make a decision to invest in them (time or money, because some may be free!), and stick with it for at least 3-6 months. Fully test the value. Here are my top 2 recommendations to get started.

1) Canva (free or Pro available!): the best resource I've found for creating branded graphics and even documents such as my 6-Step Checklist to Escape the 9-5. What is fantastic about Canva is you can use your brand colors and fonts easily but also--- if you purchase templates for Pinterest or Instagram... or any others, they can be shared with you by the creator, and many creators use it.

RECOMMENDATION: If you need templates you can customize for your social media needs, click here to shop Margaret Bourne's storefront!

2) Planners and calendars: the key to planning in advance being simplified--- have a place to write it all down. And yes, for you that love digital - that's cool too!

RECOMMENDATION: Click here for the Epic Blog Planner I use! It's NOT just for blogging IMO.

Step 4: using these calls to action

Watch this fantastic 25-minute interview I did with brand strategist Blaire Brown to hear us dive into everything I've mentioned and grab her Business Launch Lab course or even book a 3-2-1 take action call with me (for free of course!).

Still want more about social media? BINGE AWAY and truly BE PREPARED, just the like the Boy Scouts being honored on February 7th!

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