The Ultimate List of Valentine's Day Gifts for the Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs in your Life (2024)

The Ultimate List of Valentine's Day Gifts for the Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs in your Life (2024)

Jan 21, 2022

I did it again. Gifts for bloggers and those of us online.

I jumped on the holiday bandwagon! Well to be honest, the deeper I dive into this self-sufficient and self-employed online lifestyle, the more I realize the value of gifts related to its success. And I'm updating this post for Valentine's Day 2024!

Note: this post includes updated links and gift ideas for 2023! But so much from last Valentine's Day is still relevant! Disclosure: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share, but it does not change your price.

If you have one of us in your life (or for yourself!), this list will offer up some outstanding support of your online entrepreneur. For anyone planning to quit the 9-5, or who already has, there are great gifts on this list broken into 6 categories:

  1. Reading/books.
  2. Courses.
  3. Office supplies.
  4. Technology.
  5. Atmosphere.
  6. Support.

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1 Reading Essentials to Motivate and Educate

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller is excellent. First off, it isn’t just for bloggers. Miller brings the successes of 17 bloggers to you by asking them all the same questions including how long it took for them to hit their first $8000 month. She structures her book well, breaking down the blogger “interviews” into one of three sections, each section diving into a “habit.” It’s an easy read but a comprehensive one that includes ways to connect with or follow each of her interviewees. Bonus: you get book recommendations from each of them as well.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. I grabbed this book on my Kindle from my library upon a recommendation by a friend. Within two days, I was on Amazon ordering up the hardcopy so I could mark pages and have it on-hand, always, for reference! One reason is there is a lot of technical information and ideas that I may use in the future but don’t need now. The first 85 pages really grabbed me. Escaping the 9-5 is possible, and this book not only validates it, but offers ideas on how to get there.

How to Make Money Blogging by Bob Lotich. Another easy read, the concepts in this one are well worth taking the time to check out. Lotich walks through his roadmap for success with his blog and touches on everything from getting traffic to your blog to use of AdSense. He even closes out with some words of warning- a reality check actually that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but one that takes focus and effort. Practical advice for anyone serious about moving forward with a blog.

The To-Do List Formula by Damon Zahariades. Moving from employee to entrepreneur means a whole new set of tasks. Owning a business means you do everything from marketing to accounting in addition to creating the product or service right? This book is priceless in approaching your process for "to-do" lists.

Want to browse a little? Here are some of Amazon’s bestsellers about creating and succeeding with an online business.

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers book should be a gift for bloggers

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2 Online Education and Training to Invest in.

All things relevant to blogging.

Blog coach Margaret Bourne has ensured bloggers get everything from her e-book on SEO to courses supporting blog business growth, Pinterest and Instagram strategies and even social media templates. I personally use the SEO e-book and as someone who creates social media content, can assure you that purchasing those templates will mean the person on your list can save a lot of time! Click here for her storefront and make blogging life easier for someone.

Check every box for launching a business.

The Business Launch Lab by entrepreneur and brand strategist Blaire Brown is gold. Awhile back, I used her Focused Branding course and guess what: as of January 2024, it's now a module included as part of this comprehensive course! From identifying your ideal clients/readers while digging into your messaging and strategy to setting up systems and processes for multiple aspects of your business, every entrepreneur will benefit. Click here to purchase.

Membership to The Digital Acceleration Academy (DAA)

DAA, has a unique and sensible (and successful BTW) approach to utilizing Facebook to grow your online business, and I am all-in as I used it for my own Facebook group. That said, she is an expert on marketing and lead generation in general and has a vault full of courses on these topics available for members! Membership to DAA is monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

The Sprint to Print Course from Misty Lewis. If you or a loved one wants to learn the ins and outs of creating printable products- everything from planners to banners, calendars or flashcards... this course is the one to purchase.

Blog training with lifetime access- not just for bloggers.

For anyone working to create income streams online, having a blog for your business is important. The 30-Day Branded Blog Challenge is for life, not 30 days. It is self-paced and give you content ideas and training that will serve you continuously. Click here to join.

From the Blogging for New Bloggers team:

-the Premium Fast Track course

-a legal toolkit for authors and course creators

-in-depth information for podcasters,

-Pinterest from P to T training.

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3 Office Supplies to Make Work-from-home and Self-Employed Life Easier

Blog planners – for anyone that has left corporate, loves to write things down or needs a way of tracking (basically every single blogger out there!), this is vital to have.

My current love: The super-comprehensive Epic Blog annual business and blog planner, combined with this digital content planner from This Splendid Shambles. Utilizing the two together works for my personal needs.

I love The Blog Well Planner I used in 2021. It’s set up quarterly but since I was starting it in January as a new blogger and was learning how to maximize it, I used it for the year. I personally love the layout of this one and the options for tracking, note-taking and overall, it’s flexibility to not use it daily but still use every page.

If not this one, there are a lot of amazing options, just on Amazon alone.

Martha Stewart’s office line – I love her stuff. Have surrounded myself with it for years. Ok, it’s a little feminine so for the guys on your shopping list that may not appreciate her pastels, (some will though and she has great stuff!), how about a stylish desk set?

Give the gift of Nespresso. Coffee is an office supply in my opinion. At least once a year, (pandemic excluded) we treat ourselves to the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond (another gift idea?). One of my favorite moments every single trip is savoring a Nespresso, a big step up from the coffee-makers in most hotels. It is Valentine’s Day after all, make the gift of coffee a real treat.

Put that coffee into a mug that shows how much you value their work as a blogger!

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RELATED: Check out this guest post (from an interior designer) on organizing your office space for success!

4 Technology Gifts that Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs Will Appreciate.

Groove is my #1 recommendation: it is still free at the basic level. And… it has a whole menu of online options from bloghosting to funnel creation to email automation. More detail is on my recent post.

Whether a gift to yourself or to someone else, check it out closely and consider that the premium option is $1997 for lifetime use and access. For serious online entrepreneurs, that can be a huge value. Truly a gift!

InPixio Eclipse HDR Pro – if photo quality is important for what your blogger is doing, check this software out! Professional editing made easy.

Adesso CyberTrack camera with a built-in microphone is one I recommend. Webcams are important for all of us online! Browse more options (with high Amazon ratings) by clicking here.

I love my Lenovo Yoga. I can also vouch for how easy it was to set up and how responsive their customer support team is (because I’m not tech-savvy and had some pretty basic questions!).

If you want to compare, here is a list of some laptops that currently have high ratings on Amazon. Just be conscious of the needs of your online entrepreneur of course!

Earbuds! So basic but truly: good ones are important, especially for those of us who coffee-shop hop.

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5 Create an Atmosphere to Foster Success.

Adding flowers from a top FTD 100 website to the room just brings joy. And it is CLASSIC Valentine’s Day gift after all, right?

In my option, one of my favorite items sitting on my desk: my lamp. The right lighting can affect my productivity! Whether the space calls for sleek and modern options or unique looks, a lamp can really define the atmosphere in a space.

Diffusers! Orange, peppermint, lavender… depending on my mood and what I’m trying to accomplish, diffusing oil is part of my routine. Whether I’m inspired and writing at the crack of dawn or need a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon, this is a must to have in my space.

Sponsor a workcation- or if you're shopping for yourself, invest in one. It's a fantastic gift to give your business!

6 Support is the Most Valued Gift.

Without a doubt, I saved the best gift for last. I’ve talked to so many online entrepreneurs working hard to make a go of it and struggling with support from spouses, family members and even friends.

It’s a tough thing to give up the corporate paycheck to go after a life of professional freedom.

The ultimate goal is to have the chance to spend every moment possible with those you love. Please support your blogger/online business owner!

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