2 Truths and a Lie: Let's Discuss Working on Call 24/7 or Ditching the 9-5

2 Truths and a Lie: Let's Discuss Working on Call 24/7 or Ditching the 9-5

Feb 02, 2023

Why I’m writing this post: I’ve been there, working on call 24/7, but now I encourage ditching the 9-5.

2 Truths and a Lie Week fell the 3rd week of November in 2022. What a perfect prompt to organize a blog post around any time of year. The content is not only valuable, but solid information about the ability to leave 9-5 life and build a business that is sustainable. There are so many location independent business ideas out there and let’s be honest about 9-5 life: it’s not 9-5. Often, we work on call 24/7.

So let’s discuss it, all so you can enjoy the back half of life semi-retired and focused on your priorities.

Note: Thanks again to content strategist extraordinaire Cyndi Zaweski of Ascent Storycraft for sharing fun ways to create and organize valuable content! She shared the 2 Truths and a Lie concept with her followers in November.

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For those unfamiliar with the 2 Truths and a Lie game, here’s the breakdown, in context of discussing ditching the 9-5.

The game is just as it sounds: one person tells 2 truths and a lie about themselves, and the others attempt to guess which is the lie. I’ve seen it used at networking events or even staff meetings.

Hence, in context for this post: I’m applying it to leaving the 9-5 because it requires a bit of a mindset shift to what we’ve come to know as “professional” and “what’s expected” as GenXers.

Here’s my list:

  • Your paycheck is stable.
  • You have skills that translate outside of your industry and job description.
  • You can earn income without working on call 24/7, being at the disposal of others.

So before you scroll down further, which is the lie?

image of blank check because your paycheck is not stable

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Your paycheck is NOT stable.

The idea that your paycheck is stable is definitely the lie.

Guest author and business coach Elise Willett gave perspective on this lie in her article.

My personal story (and the story of many others before, during, and after the pandemic) demonstrates it fully. The only people in charge of your paycheck are those who are in charge of the company you work for.

There’s an HR (Human Resources) staff, a C-Suite, your immediate supervisor… possibly even a board.

They make decisions about you and, importantly, about big picture decisions impacting the company, which can be merged, acquired, or sold.

Which can lead to restructuring. In the end, your paycheck is not so stable.

decisions about your paycheck made by a board, c-suite, upper management

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You have skills that translate outside of your industry and job description, meaning ditching the 9-5 to earn income and even semi-retire is possible.

It’s ok to want to use your skills for YOURSELF. And for those you love.

In my post about lessons from the 18th century, I talked about how upholsterers were also undertakers.

Same concept y’all: the skills you have can be applied all over the place!

In my past professional life I went from legislative (government) to small business, to medium-sized national business which was bought out by our largest corporate vendor. I'm sure you've done the same, and you may have changed industries or positions within your company.

Take a moment to think about your skills, not your job description. In fact, grab a pen and paper and jot those down. Or throw them up on a whiteboard. Focus on skills, not tasks.

write down your skills and review your job description

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Ways you can apply your skills: location independent business ideas.

In short: find a location independent business idea that fits your priorities and the life you want design. Time freedom, which in my opinion is semi-retirement!

You can earn income without working 24/7 or being at the disposal of others.

One hundred percent truth. No lie here, you don’t have to work on call 24/7.

As a Gen Xer growing up professionally with the technological advancements of the last 30 years, my life went from “being able to kind of take a vacation” while definitely working and being available on weekends to never ever fully unplugging for more than a few hours.

Have you heard the term Sunday “scaries?” Yes… checking email, organizing everything so Monday starts correctly. Properly. So you can “hit the ground running.” (I abhor that phrase).

And why oh WHY do so many seminars and annual events have to be on weekends? My idea of Sunday fun is NOT hoping that my flight makes it back in time to have dinner with my man and get some solid sleep in before “hitting the ground running” again on Monday.

alarm clock and coffee when you are on someone else's schedule

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And also- why it is MY issue if someone has a question over the weekend that my boss can’t handle and needs me to figure out, find out, or create?

Will having a fire drill on a Saturday make Monday better? What if I’m trying to have dinner with friends or attend my niece’s dance recital? What if your son has a soccer game or your parents invited you to hang out up at the cabin? Or what if the sun is out and you want to sit on the balcony and read a book.

You don’t need plans to justify wanting to attend life instead of a national meeting on a weekend.

By jumping into any of the location independent business ideas I mentioned, working on call 24/7, and being at the disposal of others is no longer your reality.

become location independent and work from anywhere even in the mountains with a view

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Closing it out: ditching the 9-5 life and mindset is more than ok, it’s important.

Some of this post might seem:

  • Controversial.
  • Loud.
  • Unapologetic.

And it is.

I don’t feel bad telling you it’s ok to ditch the 9-5. If you’ve spent years serving others by being an employee, I 100% believe you can serve others in a new way, one that fulfills you, highlights your skills and passions, and of course, allows you time freedom.

It’s your turn. Book a call with me because I'm setting time aside to help you take action. Click here!

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